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1. Why can’t I find Bell-View items at my favorite retailer?


There can be many reasons for this, but the retailer may have never had them requested before.  This is a good opportunity to print out an “Item Request Form” located on our website or call us for a copy.   Please fill the “Item Request Form” out and give it to the store owner, director or manager.  They will make sure your item request is addressed properly.


2. Do you offer coupons?


We do not offer coupons.  We have come to the conclusion that it is more cost effective for the consumer to offer a great value everyday rather than just sporadically with coupons.


3. Can I purchase product by the jar from the Bell-View website?


We do not sell product by the jar off of our website.  Product can be purchased by the case only.  We rely on our strong base of retailers to sell by the jar.


4. Are your products Kosher?


Some of our products are Kosher and some aren’t.  If a product is Kosher it will be denoted on the label.


5. Are your products Gluten Free?


Some of our products are Gluten Free and some aren’t.  If a product is Gluten Free it will be denoted on the label.


6. Where is Penn, PA?


Penn, PA home of Bell-View Brand Food Products is about 20 miles East of Pittsburgh, PA.


7. I have an idea for a new product that Bell-View doesn’t currently have.  Who should I contact?


Drop us an email at or give us a call and we’ll be happy to look into your item.  Many of Bell-View’s most successful items have been a result of this.


8. I just purchased vinegar and it has sediment floating within the product? What is it called and is it ok to use?


The transparent sediment is called Mother that is actually used to produce vinegar in its beginning state. It is used to ferment and oxide sugars and alcohol to acid, thus creating vinegar. The vinegar is then distilled and pasteurized to remove this unsightly substance.

On a rare occasion some Mother may still be present, even after filtration and pasteurization. Mother is perfectly safe and part of the normal process of vinegar.


9. What does Fresh Pack mean on your label?


In layman terms Fresh Pack means that the product is harvested and then pickled within a 24 hour period, keeping the product fresh and crisp.


10. What does Processed mean in the pickling process?


In layman terms Processed means that the product is harvested and then placed in a pickling solution for future packing.


11. What does Candied mean?


Candied means that the product has a very high level of sweetness.


12. Why does the same product taste differently or look differently sometimes?


All of the products pickled are agricultural products; therefore you may get some variation in taste and size due to crop conditions and weather.


13.  What security measures have you taken to secure your site.


We have a secure site via www.https:

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