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Robert Lee, Edward Thompson, and Hugh Fawcett founded Bell-View Brand Foods in 1930; the first location was in the North Side of Pittsburgh. During Bell-View’s early history, sales representatives traveled from corner stores to markets to even Mom and Pop type-stores on streetcars. Back then; we sold products by a single unit, half-case, full case, or by the barrel.


Like many other businesses during the 1930’s-1940’s, Bell-View was no stranger to the impacts of the Great Depression or the Second World War. During this this time, Bell-View produced many products for the government in order to feed the troops. In fact, the original owners were veterans who served with both pride and honor. After both events, Bell-View survived a kept persistently growing their business.


Bell-View was officially incorporated in 1948 under the name Lee Thompson Fawcett Co. This was not the only major event in Bell-View’s history though, the company moved to its new home. Bell-View went from the North Side of Pittsburgh to a tiny borough in Westmoreland County. Bell-View has been located in Penn, Pennsylvania since the initial move. When the company moved, the area where Bell-View sits on now was an old lumberyard. Soon after, three facilities were built to produce pickles, relishes, peppers, olives, jams, jellies, marmalades, preserves, syrups, maraschino cherries, and mustards.


During this time, our family worked tirelessly to create unique items for the food industry. One of our pinnacles is Elderberry Jelly. Bell-View is one of the first companies in the United States to commercially produce Elderberry Jelly. Bell-View is also one of the first companies to commercially produce Fresh Packed Peppers.


Throughout the years, Bell-View has prided itself on many unique products to distinguish our company from the other companies. This spirit has carried on to the business today, as we are constantly coming up with new products and new ways of meeting the customer’s demands.


Bell-View’s history is impressive, but not as impressive as the possibilities of our future. We hope to continue to provide quality products with new and innovative ways of reaching the customer.


Company Highlights:

  1. Fourth-Generation Family Run Business
  2. Direct Store Delivery System to 12 States (with hopes of expansion)
  3. Products Offered in All States via Distributors, Food Coop, Wholesalers, and Major Chains
  4. Deliver Products with our Privately Owned Fleet of Trucks
  5. Combined 250 Years of Experience (principal ownership and management)
  6. We’ve Been Around for 89 Years
  7. We Continue to Grow through the Support of our Customers both Old and New
  8. We Care About our Customers Feedback
  9. We Believe in Change
  10. We Believe in the Value of Hard Work

Most importantly, we look to the future because our history is impressive but not as impressive as the possibilities of our future. We thank our long-time, loyal customers for their support over our company’s history and we hope to reach new customers in our future.





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